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>Zhao Pan wrote:
>> Nah, it has to be Wing Zero. First let the enimies shoot at its
>> indestructable armor, then charge its big guns and shoot those poor Leos
>> before they can escape!
>heh... that answer sounded like it came from a 7 year old...

But thats what GWing mechs are all about, invulnerable and deadly to almost everything except when the plot demands.

IMO best manouver I've seen aside from HyGock assault on 3 GMs (don't know which series but probably 0080) is from GGundam. Specifically the Gundam Fight Finals Match between Dragon Gundam (Sai Sici/NeoChina) and Bolt Gundam (Argo Gorski/Garuski /NeoRussia) vs Gundam HeavenSword {formerly Gundam Neilsen}(Mikairo Chariot/NeoItaly).


Sequence of Attack.

1. Dragon Gundam performs its butterfly technique enabling it to fly and proceeding to give a drop kick to the GHeavensword lowering its altitude.

2. Bolt Gundam unleashes its Graviton Hammer on the GHeavensword knocking it with the hammer and entangling it with its beam chain.

3. Bolt proceeds to slam the entangled GHeavensword to the ground and Dragon Gundam finishes the fight by stabbing GHS with a beamflag.

Side Notes/Questions/Anybody noticed?:

1. Anybody noticed & wondered how come MF (mobile fighters) are repaired so quickly as if instantly since 4 of the New Shuffle Union MF (Maxstar,Dragon,Rose & Bolt were totalled during the GF Finals and yet got to participate in the assault on Neo Japan Colony infested Devil Gundam. Same with Allenby Beazly's Nobel Gundam w/c tranformed to Walter Gundam and was destroyed by Rain Mikamura's Rising Gundam since it joined the same assault.

2. I'm not sure with this but my rough translation on one of Devil Gundam Jr's(SDGGen F only mech) attack is Four Heaven(ly) Bits wherein 4 transforming bits are deployed and transforms into almost a replica of Walter firing beams, Heavensword unleashing feather blades, and Grand impaling an enemy at its back while Master performing a Touho Fuuhai Saishun no Ougi sekihatenkyouken at close range to the victim's front. (Cool move!)

This observation giving me an idea that those four MF were derived from the Gospels wherein:

Grand-Ox or Bull/John

Man I miss this series!


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