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Wed, 20 Dec 2000 20:03:54 +0800

Charlie Hetherington wrote:

> My vote goes to the Cyclops team when they assaulted the Gundam in 0080. The
> Kampher is just damn sweet, nuff said. When the Kampher starts wasting stuff
> with its shotgun I drooled.

Hehe... imagine the Kampher with Char or Gato in it...
poor McKenzie...

> Come to think of it the sniper raid on the Aspurous (whatever it was called,
> big thing created by a madman...oh wait that could be any gundam series...)
> in 08th MS, that was pretty tight to see that sniper movie and take pot
> shots.

Makes me wanna say "I'm in position", "Fire in the hole!", "Enemy down!".

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