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At 20:49 12/19/2000 -0800, Gundam EZEight wrote:
>Lim, why you so mean? we new to the list have not had
>time to look at the archives nor even know about the
>archives. stop picking on us and be nice. how old are
>you? don't you have something better to do than
>yelling at us Gundam newbies?

        Ahem. Excuse me? This is the first time people has accused me of
being mean on the Gundam ML. A stubborn blockhead, maybe, but mean?

        Let me put it in perspective. I started a rather long and convoluted
thread on I-field, which went into separate threads of Warship weapons,
Railguns, Minovsky Particle Physics and Minovsky Crafts. That's 5 long and
convoluted threads from 1 topic, which was taking up a lot of the bandwidth
of this ML. Since not everybody is into Gundam for the physics, this meant
the thread got ignored pretty much of the time, and may have been a source
of irritation for a lot of the list.

        This happen in about late October to November, so it's a recent
event. If another thread starts up right now, the list will probably get
swamped by the number of posts on it (mainly by me). I'm not ready to
irritate the list like this again so soon.

        As for looking in the Archives, it's a pretty common occurance for
people to ask questions about a subject previously covered and get referred
to the archive. I personally don't use it very often, since I've been on
this list long enough to recall most of the arguments, but it's a common
resource for people to refer to. As far as I am concerned, I'm simply
pointing it out to newbies.

        And as for shouting -- I think you're not too up on netiquette. This
isn't shouting. THIS IS SHOUTING. And I don't do that, unless it's
absolutely necessary.

        Age has nothing to do with the affair, I think. I'm not picking on
anyone, just pointing out the resource available.

        Look, I know it's easy to misunderstand people through email -- text
communication isn't that prefect -- but please be a little bit more
circumspect when asking about these questions.

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