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> >guys, does anybody of u have this?
> >whats in it?
> >
> >the cover looks sooo cool...
> >
> >http://www.ehobbyland.com/BOOK-ZGundam.jpg
> MOBILE SUIT Z-GUNDAM Material Book [well, literally...]
> published by SOFTBANK
> 1998.1.12
> ISBN4-7973-0519-3
> 1800 yen + tax
> A4 sizes, all color 95 pages.

Hmmm. It's quite likely that I have this book, although I don't revognize it.
I picked up most of these game books when they came out, just for the reference
material. (I also have a lot of RPG books, for the same reason, and in fact
just picked up four Jovian Chronicles books just for their ship designs and
background material.) My books have been packed away nearly a year now and may
remain so for another year and I honestly don't remember this cover illustration
(other than to note that it looks like something from Model Graphix Project Z or
Sentinels) but I may very well have had it for almost two years now.

Thanks for the ID, Sunwook. Nice to see you posting here again, too.


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