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You're right. I should not write following my memory. As I have given a look at the manga I've read that , speaking about a return of Zabi (the ghost of the Zabi family), he asks if Haman is 20 years old. But there is to say that, as Char is speaking using the past tense and one kanji (when he refers to "ghosts of Zabi") in the manga has the meaning of "dying, to die, .." I thought he was spaking about something happpened in the past. Now, thanks to you and reading a second time the manga, I know I was mistaking. I don't know the reason for I remembered she was 18, perhaps I knew she couldn't be, in 0087 U.C., as old as she would have been, if my reading (interpretation)of Char's words was correct.
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> > As I have read the manga (Kidou Senshi Z Gandamu) by Tomino-Kondo,
> > when Char thinks about Haman (before to meet her and Minerva Zabi),
> > he remembers that the last time he had seen her (at the times of
> > Zabi's family) she should be about 18 years old.
> Hamaan's age was given as 20 when she first appeared in Z Gundam, which
> put her birth year circa UC 0067. This is confirmed by the Gundam 0083
> reference books, which give her age as 16.
> By this reckoning, she'd've been 12 in UC 0079. She wouldn't've turned 18
> UC 0085.
> By comparison, Char's age was given as 20 when he first appeared in First
> Gundam, which would put his birth year circa UC 0059 -- eight years older
> Hamaan. As related by Mark Simmons nearly two years ago, MSV Technical &
> History gives Char's service number as PM0571977243S, in which the first
> numerals are the year of birth.

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