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> I am not saying I am 100% sure that they dated or anything, but it
> clearly suggest that there's some "heavy" going on between the two of them,
> whether be it that one of them is trying to "date" the other or both are
> trying...

My point is that, lacking any REAL evidence, all we have is speculation. Using
the same data, we've arrived at almost opposite opinions of the likely
relationship between Char and Hamaan. We don't even know that this scene is
actual a memory and not just Hamaan's fantasy or wish.

That's why I say that it's not evidence of anything. Evidence is more than
implication, it's a clear causal explanation. "Circumstantial evidence" isn't
really evidence -- that's why lawyers try to get exhibits declared
circumstantial, because it's halfway to getting it thrown out. Of course, the
jury decides, not the judge or the lawyers, which is why the opposition heaps on
as much circumstantial "evidence" as possible to sway laypeople to their

Again, compare the Franklin Vidan mistress scene. That's evidentiary. That
tells you something unequically that was only implied before, confirming
Camille's accusation from Franklin's own memory. Hamaan, on the other hand,
never says "Remember that day by the lake?" or anything else that would put that
image into context and make it explanatory.


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