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The HiZack is more like a combination GM(body) and Zaku (head, cables and
everything else). The power output of the HiZack also enable it to support
beam weapons such as it's beam rifle and beam saber.

>doesn't have one.
>it uses a heat hawk like the original Zaku series.

Yeas it does, check out Burkes site and/or a copy of MS Encyclopedia w/c has
an illus ofm the beam saber.

>>hey, isn't one of the armaments of the hi-zack a beam rifle?
>>i remember that the zaku doesn't support beam weapons, so why >>does the
>>hi-zack use them?
>>and how come it uses a crappy beam saber?

Peter Savin wrote:

> Does anyone know where the Hi-Zak stores it's beam saber?

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