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> Compare Hibiki from Macross II
> (http://images.dvdexpress.com/consumer/products-lf/21002lf.jpg) to Bernie
> from 0080
> (http://www.wingzero.net/archive/display.php?image=0080witp03.jpg&imagex=966
> &imagey=1446).
> Tell me that ain't a scary resemblence?
> Did the same character designer do both shows or something?

Haruhiko Mikimoto, the character designer for the original Macross TV series,
the Macross: Do You Remember Love movie and the Macross II OAV series, did the
character designs for Gundam 0080. A Gundam fan of long standing who did some
very Yaz-style artwork for the legendary fanzine Gundam Century, Mikimoto has
also done pencil-sketch foldout posters for all of the Gundam the Movies and
Gundam Film Book Series books from Asahiya Shuppan and full-color cover
illustrations for various Gundam novelization and CD covers.


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