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Mon, 18 Dec 2000 16:43:49 -0800 (PST)

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> Have you tried Games Workshop paint on a Gundam Kit?
> If so how
> doe it look?

i use exclusively games workship paint. :P just
because it's readily available. i have quite a
selection to choose from as i play warhammer too. :P

> I am an avid warhammer player (40K and Fantasy) so I
> have a ton
> of paint kicking around.
> thanks
> Ray

what armies do you play? i have vampire counts and
orcs put on hiatus while i finish my dark eldar. :)
(and i have in mind black templars and plain
ultramarines in the distant future)

> > games workshop does sell an exellent white primer
> thats tough as nails,
> > perfect for gundam models! then again their paints
> are really good too!
> >

i kinda prefer black primer. i prefer darker color
schemes (bright color schemes look dinky on gundams)
and the white kinda gets spotty.

*dons a face mask of richie ramos*

_really shameless plugs_ in the name of citadel paint.

citadel black primer, hand painted 'regal blue'.

gunze-sangyo 'german gray' undercoat (perfect
substitute for black primer, which was out of stock
for several months on end, damn) and hand painted
'shadow gray'.

i hereby swear never to handpaint another gundam
again...the mg fazz was a nightmare...

citadel black primer, hand painted 'regal blue', with
'shining gold' flame motif. the beam shield was
undercoated with 'mithril silver', and dosed with
generous amounts of 'sky blue' ink wash, and 'dark
blue' ink wash. same for the fazz mega beam saber. :P

and the fresh zaku that i submitted to was
done with black primer, and 'dark angels green' spray.

citadel paint is kewl! buy yours today!

uh...'nuff outta me.

*plays with richie's rx 78 ver. 1.5 and puts it in a
ballerina pose*


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