Graham Belmont (
Mon, 18 Dec 2000 12:02:23 -0600

>Okay, the SPAM is getting a bit out of hand lately.
>Is the ML not setup in such a way that people not subscribed cannot send
>messages to the list? I doubt random spammers are going and signing up just
>so they can spam us, so I'm assuming its not.
>Is there some reason for this?

Seriously! It's not like it's a major chore to find some filtering software.
But I'm not one to complain, I'm not paying for my subscription or anything,
and it's no great task to delete the spam (right along with all the other
spam I normally receive ~_~;;;). But when we start getting virii, that's
when I get upset. So please, if whoever runs the server hosting this list
reads this, please look into the problem.

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