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Does this mean that submissions to the Gundam Humor section of the
Mechadomain will be accepted again.

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>> Hehe, it kinda sounds like the body of a really bad joke.
>> Q: Where does the Hi-Zak store its beam saber?
>> A: Where ever it wants to :P
>> Anybody else feel like making up some really bad Gundam jokes?
>> -G

>Q: What's black and purple and floating through space?
>A: The Black Trinary after Amuro got through with them.
>Most Sexually Suggestive Gundam Catchphrases:
>1) Shining Finger
>2) Darkness Finger
>3) Quattro Vagina. 'Nuff said.
>4) ... more?
5) Jamitov Hymen (Jam it up...)

>How about some Gundam Yo'Momma variants...
>"Your mobile suit is so slow that even a Ball could outrun it!"
>"Your mobile suit is so poorly armored that even Kou Uraki >could take you

>Or Gundam redneck jokes?
>"You might be a Zaku/GM pilot if ...
>"... your insurance agent refuses to sell you a policy because >you are
>high a risk'."
>"... upon informing your family of your profession, they begin >making
>funeral arrangements."
>"... you actually live through a battle, but just before you >land back on
>your carrier, your reactor breaches and explodes."

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