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>guys, does anybody of u have this?
>whats in it?
>the cover looks sooo cool...

MOBILE SUIT Z-GUNDAM Material Book [well, literally...]
published by SOFTBANK
1800 yen + tax
A4 sizes, all color 95 pages.


This wonderful book splits into all 6 sections : Character Explanation,
Mobile Suit Viewer, Story, Tactical Guide, Staff Interviews & CG Works,
Goods Review. It deals with Playstation game soft 'Mobile Suit Zeta
Gundam' based on the 1985's TV anime series of same name.


*SOFTBANK also uses that horrible misspell generated by Rapport -

*Splendid pin-up poster that features the same illustration which was
on the book cover was included as a surprise! According to the credit,
it was originally illustrated by Yoichi Fukano and later some CG effect
by Ken'ichi Iguchi was added. (Not Katoki, that is.)

*Story section gives you some original (not animated before) episodes
of Char's secret years in the asteroid belt, and you can witness the
afterwards of his missing-in-action in the final chapter of TV series.
(Not so much, actually. But it is very interesting to see how Char
changed his stance and determined to destroy the whole earth as featured
in CCA... All that was trigerred by Camille's tragedy... <hint, hint>)

-Sunwook Kim

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