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Actually, I have this book:

Its the Playstation Z-Gundam Game Book. It is 90 pages and includes
character descriptions (mostly Z Gundam chara), and mecha descriptions
(ranging from 0079 mecha - Z Gundam Era) with cool CG illustrations
thoughout including multi-angle shots of the actual rendered models. The
book then delves into the extra story created for the game itself which is
basically a recap of Z Gundam. And it wraps with some "Making Of" sections
and staff interviews. All in all a good book if you are a fan of the game
and the anime.

I bought it 90% because of the cover...I used this image on Gundam.Com in
Version 2 of the site (integrated in the menu bar if anyone recalls)

The rest turned out to be informative including various statistics on the
suit maneouvreability, weapon power, firing rates etc which they used in the

Hope that helps,


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guys, does anybody of u have this?
whats in it?

the cover looks sooo cool...

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