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>Q: What's black and purple and floating through space?
>A: The Black Trinary after Amuro got through with them.

Q: What do you call a mobile suit with no arms and no legs floating through
A: The Type-100.

>Most Sexually Suggestive Gundam Catchphrases:
>1) Shining Finger
>2) Darkness Finger
>3) Quattro Vagina. 'Nuff said.
>4) ... more?

Well, can't think of any from Gundam off hand, but I did notice a rather
funy name in Silent Mobius. The first name of a certain Miss Maverick, and
how it's pronounced.

>How about some Gundam Yo'Momma variants...
>"Your mobile suit is so slow that even a Ball could outrun it!"
>"Your mobile suit is so poorly armored that even Kou Uraki could take you

"Your mobile suit is so heavily armored, when it sits around the Albion, it
really sits around the Albion."

"Your mobile suits' EXAM system is so dumb...", geez, sat on this one for
about 10 minutes. Someone fill in the blank?

>Or Gundam redneck jokes?
>"You might be a Zaku/GM pilot if ...
>"... your insurance agent refuses to sell you a policy because you are 'too
>high a risk'."
>"... upon informing your family of your profession, they begin making
>funeral arrangements."
>"... you actually live through a battle, but just before you land back on
>your carrier, your reactor breaches and explodes."

"... if your cockpit also doubles as a caskit."
"... if your armor has bits of crushed pop cans in its armor."
"... if you can out manuver Kou in the GP01."

Or maybe even a little song -
One Year War set to the tune of Diarrhea

"If you see a litte flash,
and you hear a colony smash,
One Year War-r, One Year War-r"

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