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> Director: Masami Obari - His work with AIC mecha classics such as Dangaioh
> plus doing the Fatal Fury movie gives him my nod.

I doubt it... I know that Obari is good at making the mechas look good and
move swell. But Gundam is not only about the mechas, but also the PEOPLE
AND THEIR LIFE... If you'd like to make a action-packed high-tensioned
Gundam flick like G-Gundam or Shin Getter Robo, Obari would be best. But...
I'm not sure about how well he can do as a director (not an animator)
because I haven't seen his latest work, Ordian...
I'd like to propose Ryosuke 'VOTOMS' Takahashi (he did some good job as a
part-time script writer in Gundam 0083...:-).

>Clean-ups and modifications of initial designs: Katoki Hajime -He's best at
>modifying up other people's work IMHO

What about Kazumi Fuzita, the long-lost clean-up specialist of ZG era? He
haven't done mecha jobs for a while, but now makes a special return with
the stunning sequel OVA : KING OF THE BRAVES GAOGAIGAR FINAL!;->

>Chara Designer: Sho Fumurasa - Gundam Wing. But I want him more for his
>excellent chara design work for SF II movie and Darkstalkers.

The exact name is Shuko Murase. BTW, a friend of mine who was interested
much in the GW and Samurai Troopers complains that he lost his early
shining touch... (Murase's latest work is none other than Sunrise's
Arzento Soma TV series.)

>Writers: Hmm... dunno much about this category - but I feel that Tetsuo Sato
>(Nadesico) should be part of this to give original plot twists and humor.

2040 TV SERIES, and some good tokusatsu [live action] series like ULTRAMAN
TIGA) did make a dark-toned realistic near-future stories so far. How about
him... (half joke, half serious.)

-Sunwook Kim

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