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Ahh thank you Doctor, you've answered my question perfectly.
See my reply below.

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> Hmm I guess I did say "nice solid white", I've never really notice the
> tint until you mention it.  Last night when I look at it, I thought it's
> pretty white, but that was in the incandescent light.  This morning I took
> a pic with the HG Gundam Ground Type and HG Gundam and lo-and-behold, the
> beige practically jumps out at me.  Check
> Or the review.  I've had this model for ages and I've never really noticed
> it, so I guess it's pretty light.  But it just goes to show you how human
> eyes and camera alike can be deceived.
That's exactly how mine looks. Whew =)
Evidently this is a better camera (or maybe the flash was overdone last
time?) and this is identical to how mine looks.
I must say, I do like the color of the Ez8 .. it fits it quite well. The
greyish white on the Gundam Ground, again, perfectly matches how I percieve
that MS to look, and I vastly prefer that shade to the brighter white on the
HG RX-78.
Regardless, its all pretty much moot now =)
My Ez8 is now completed, and painted in a a green camo paint scheme I'm
quite pleased with. Using Tamiya Deep Green for the base (i.e. white/tan
parts normally), Tamiya Khaki Drab for the formerly blue parts, and Tamya
Olive Drab for the originally grey parts. Over top of the green bits, I
attempted (and more or less succeeded) in brushpainting a pseudo-camo look,
using the above mentioned colors, along with Tamiya flat green as well.
Hell, I even painted the eyes on the head! Didn't come out as good as yours,
Core, but not bad for my first go.
Now all I gotta do is dirty it up a little more, and add that wear and tear

> > Still pisses me off that the HG ZZ has puke green while HG Gundam is a > nice cold white. > Sho'nuff. I've yet to find a way to properly paint "white". Tamiya's white acrylic sucks horribly and just doesn't look right. The only primer i've been able to find is a light gray (which is alright, I guess, but no help for painting white)... Maybe I should pop into that Games Workshop in WEM someday, somebody mentioned they sell good primer.......

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