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On Sat, 16 Dec 2000, Echo|Fox wrote:
> I'm in the progress of painting my HG 1/144 Ez8 (which is a terribly fun kit
> ...
> pictures there and the review made it quite clear that the plastic was a
> "nice solid white", and the pictures reinforce this. On mine, the plastic
> has a noticable beige tint to it ... not very dark, but its noticable.

Hmm I guess I did say "nice solid white", I've never really notice the
tint until you mention it. Last night when I look at it, I thought it's
pretty white, but that was in the incandescent light. This morning I took
a pic with the HG Gundam Ground Type and HG Gundam and lo-and-behold, the
beige practically jumps out at me. Check


Or the review. I've had this model for ages and I've never really noticed
it, so I guess it's pretty light. But it just goes to show you how human
eyes and camera alike can be deceived.

> Likewise, on mine the blue plastic is a much more vibrant shade than the one
> in the photos.

Hmm that's more subjective, between the monitors at the lab and the
monitor at home, the same pics look pretty different. So I can't say if
it's really different plastic or a reproduction problem.

> Thing is, its not cheap plastic and is the same quality stuff I've seen on
> my other kits. The box has the made in Japan/1998 marking on it.
> I'm just interested, is it normal to see noticable color variations like
> this over the course of a model run, or did Bandai make some conscious
> effort to adjust the Ez8's colors at some point?

We can really only speculate, won't surprise me at all that diff colours
are used in the molding of the same kit. I am building my 1/144 Tallgeese
3 which is molded in all white (yes this time I mean it, W-H-I-T-E white).
But I've heard some folks have different colour runners in their TG3.

Still pisses me off that the HG ZZ has puke green while HG Gundam is a
nice cold white.

Dr. Core
Newtype Asylum

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