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No, you are right. The base color of the plastic is NOT white... Same goes
for the MG. I am still not sure if I like that color.
Gus Jae
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> I'm in the progress of painting my HG 1/144 Ez8 (which is a terribly fun
> so far ... much better than the also quality GM Ground) in a jungle camo
> scheme, but I just noticed something.
> I was reading the review at the Newtype Asylum as well as looking at the
> pictures there and the review made it quite clear that the plastic was a
> "nice solid white", and the pictures reinforce this. On mine, the plastic
> has a noticable beige tint to it ... not very dark, but its noticable.
> Likewise, on mine the blue plastic is a much more vibrant shade than the
> in the photos.
> Thing is, its not cheap plastic and is the same quality stuff I've seen on
> my other kits. The box has the made in Japan/1998 marking on it.
> I'm just interested, is it normal to see noticable color variations like
> this over the course of a model run, or did Bandai make some conscious
> effort to adjust the Ez8's colors at some point?
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