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> >Yeah, that's it. It was in one of the Saturn games (yeah, I >>know, that
>> >really narrows it down) and he was piloting an MS, bouncing >>from
>> to
>> >cruiser. Man, that was some cool stuff.

>I believe that scene was in the CCA game for PS. I pretty >sure I do
>remember seeing it. There were all kinds of extra CG scenes in >it
>(haven't played it in a while though).

Nope. He said saturn so it was definitely Girens Greed. Besides the only
scenes I remember where we see Char destroy a cruiser in the CCA game was
with the Zeong.

>In a non-gundam anime, some of the coolest moves/battles I've >seen are
>the powered armor-vs-tank battles from "Metal Skin Panic: >Maddox-01".
>Truly awesome.
> Trevor in California

Howabout Gasaraki? Or the last part of Ghost in the Shell?
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