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But the RD4 definitely has to have the speed and manueverability of the
Rick-Dom w/c makes me wonder why Aina didn't utilize this against Shiro (and
robbed us of a good OVA). MY guess is that she probably wasn't intimidated
by the Ball, plus Sanders had probably sunken in enough hit's to slightly
cripple the thing. However it goes though, once Shiro gets that grappling
hook on, things pretty much turn in his favor.

>Not in terms of weaponry. I had the impression that the RD4 >had very
>_light_ weaponry (it was just an experimental craft after all) >But Shiro
>had style points for doing it in a Ball.

>I really the scene in Crossbone when the X1 (Kai, I think) was >fighting
>Harrison's F91. Very inventive.

>Jonathan Ng

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