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Mon, 18 Dec 2000 00:34:09 -0500

I was watching Discovery channels special on the Space Station today and
found something that applies to mecha. Some scientists having a working
prototype of a robotic human hand that can do the same things a human hand
can do, it also has about 40 sensors which allow this hand to feel!!

They showed it in action, too. It's smooth, but is not as smooth as a human
hand move, but it can grip and use a screw driver made for human hands. It
was really something to see, it was just like a Gundam hand. It's part of a
robotic astronaut, that is controller with a VR helmet and gloves. The
camara allows a human to see depth as well. The idea is for the pilot to
stay in the relative safety of the Space Station, while the robot does the
work. It was very cool.

The reason of the robotic human hands is since the Space Station is already
designed for humans to repair, it would be easier to design these hands,
then adapt the Station for a robot hand. Just think, for someone who lost a
hand, a robotic hand that works and looks like a robot human hand that feels
would be perfect for them.

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