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> like the title says,whats sf3d.I've seen it on some sites and I'm wondering
> what it is.Can anyone clear this up for me?

It was a series of mecha models, original designs created to be as realistic and
probable as possible. "SF 3D" stands for "Science Fiction in Three
Dimensions" -- 3D realizations of anime type concepts. As you might gather,
this predates CGI by about a decade, having been done in the early 80s, when
wireframe was the best you got from a computer.

Two of the SF 3D mecha were immortalized in a stop-motion animation film called
SF 3D World War IV: Nutrocker PKH 103 1A HT vs Fireball ST SAFS. The total
running time was 25 minutes, but the action was only about 20 minutes, tops.
Oh, yeah, and the dialog -- "cockpit recordings" of the pilots -- was in

"Nutrocker" is another American musical reference, by the way. Back in February
1961, a group called B. Bumble & The Stingers had a modest hit (#21 on the Top
40) with "Bumble Boogie," a rock & roll/boogie-woogie reworking of
Rimsky-Koraskoff's "Flight Of The Bumblee." It was followed in February 1962 by
"Nutrocker," a similar reworking of Tschaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite" that made
it to #23. Both are available on Rock Instrumental Classics, Volume 2: The
Sixties (1994, Rhino Records, R2 71602).


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