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>Nah, it has to be Wing Zero. First let the enimies shoot at its
>indestructable armor, then charge its big guns and shoot those >poor Leos
>before they can escape!


>Ok, that was only a joke. The best move I've seen belongs to >Amuro. He
>throws away his weapon to distract his opponents and then takes >out his
>trusty little beam saber and attacks the cockpit. Just plain >nasty! I
>Gouf Custom did the same thing too during the fight w/ the Ez8. >It always
>seem to work!

Which reminds me, for a recovery from a tight situation, Amuro in the
nu-Gundam when Kayra was help hostage by Gyunei. Then there's Shiro in the
EZ-8 using his disabled left arm as a club. Actually, come to think of it,
Shiro does quite well in his duel with Norris, being able to protect that
last Guntank for the longest time until Norris sacrificed himself. Even
norris acknowledged Shiro's skill by choosing him as the one las battle that
he would have.

>I think gato did that in the Neue Zeil (sp?) in 0083, jump on crusier,
>rinse, repeat.

I still think that it's Char.

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