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>Naming Gundam characters for pop musicians has a long tradition >if you
>the theory that Char Aznable was named after French singer >Charles

>Also, one of the characters in Gundam Sentinels is named Brian >Eno (44
years old
>when his fleet descended on Ayers City on 29 March 0088, so >born circa
>And the surnames of the male and female protagonists of Outer >Gundam
Double Fake
>are Guns and Roses.

>Tangentially, I was flipping through the channels the other day >and hit
>Cardcaptors, the dubbed version of Card Captor Sakura, just as >Sakura and
>couple of her fellow students were accosting a red-headed >teacher named
>MacKenzie. Allowing for the difference in artistic styles, she >bore a
>resemblance, in demeanor if not actual appearance, to 0080's >Christina....

Kahou!!! Christina!!! o.O;


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