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> Easy =)
> Norris Packard's sound throuncing of the 08th MS Team. In his lowly
> customized Gouf, he took the entire 08thMST out of the fight, destroyed
> Guntanks which were his real target, and ultimately sacrificed himself to
> complete his mission.
> What can I say, I'm a fan of terrestrial mech combat, and Norris put on a
> dazzling show with that Gouf, showing how deadly an MS can be in the hands
> of a capable pilot.

uhm, do computer game depictions of scenes only described before count? I
saw in one PS game how Char knocked out five or so battleships by basically
ping-ponging from ship to ship and then firing his Zaku's bazooka into what
I think were the cockpit areas. It was CG animation. Really spectacular.

and, there's also the way Amuro knocked out the Black Trinary...very nasty,
turning the trick around on them.

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