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>Would you kindly identify this book, please? I don't recognize it off
>although the illustration looks to be from the Sentinels era, and I can't
>out why they're citing UC 0080 on the cover instead of UC 0087.

I believe this book is called:
MOBILE SUIT Z GUNDAM: Mechanic Design & Model Collection
Publisher: Bandai

The other book in this series is called:
MOBILE SUIT Z GUNDAM: Character Design Figure & Scene Collection
Publisher: Bandai

I believe they are published back in 1989, before 0083:stardust Memory
series came out. That's the reason why it mentioned 0080 as the end of the
one-year-war. I don't have these book sw/ me at this moment, so the
following are from my memory. This book contains 10-13 pages of full page
artworks, 8-10 pages of line arts, about 10 pages of model pictures (old
models from 1980's), and 5 pages of all-japanese text.

>I'm still waiting for Episode Guides 4 and 5 -- they've been on order
>Asahiya for what seems like forever now.

What's their website? How are their prices compared to HLJ and Rainbow 10?

>I agree that 1 through 3 are some of
>the finest Gundam references I've ever seen.
I think I will categorize them as "All-time-best-UC-Reference-Books"
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