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Easy =)
Norris Packard's sound throuncing of the 08th MS Team. In his lowly
customized Gouf, he took the entire 08thMST out of the fight, destroyed the
Guntanks which were his real target, and ultimately sacrificed himself to
complete his mission.
What can I say, I'm a fan of terrestrial mech combat, and Norris put on a
dazzling show with that Gouf, showing how deadly an MS can be in the hands
of a capable pilot.

My second nomination goes to a non-Gundam series, that being Gasaraki.
I believe it's in the third or fourth episode where Symbol's TA's ambush a
large group of UN tanks. Suffice to say, its a masacre, and demonstrates
exactly why humanoid robots aren't an outrageous concept, militarily
speaking, of course. The TA's are disgustingly effective against the
significantly less mobile tanks, all the while maintaining realism. Next
time someone tells you humanoid robots are a silly idea, show them this
scene :P

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