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Loran Seakku wrote:

> I just got a 1/144 V2 from a friend for Christmas and I was wondering
> about some of the wierd crap it comes with. I already had the SD V2, and
> it had the same stuff, but I thought that was just made up for the SD. I
> haven't seen V Gundam yet, so I'm wondering about it's wierd equipment.
> Does the Show actually have a Beam Fan? I thought maybe it could somehow
> be a combination of the Beam Shield and Beam Saber like the Sazabi
> combines it's Beam Axe and Beam Saber. Also, what's with the curved beam
> saber?

In some parts of the V Gundam series, beam fans (from beam sabers) are used
as a beam shield in some cases.
The ms's hands actually turn around holding the beam fan to produce bigger
beam shield.

If u notice from some kits, you can actually see a lining on the V, V2's
beam sabers.
that's where the beam fan comes out.

Usso used this technique to escape from Asher when he ejected from the core
top platform.

about the curved beam saber? it's just an effect for slashing.

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