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> > Too bad we never know why Haman became the way she is - it seems
> >she isn't always like that, like when Char is dating her. I wonder what
> >happened?
> Char? Dating Hamaan? When was this?

    It was supposed to be between the OYW and the time of Zeta, but probably
about the time of 0083, since Haman mention that Char left Axis a few years
before (at Zeta), so it's probably at 0083 or a little before that. In Zeta,
when Camille and Haman share a mental link, Camille saw a picture of Haman
and Char, and right after that, Haman comment that Camille is trying to get
into her head without permission, just like Char, so it clearly suggest that
Char didn't just "know" Haman...

> > True, since it's much easier to move to Canada then it's to the
> But only in two places (of which I'm in one of them :-)

    Let me take a while guess - it starts with a v, right ^_^

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