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> > None of them were Asian. All of them, with the exception of team leader
> > Jenko, were named for American pop music singers, although two of them were
> > switched around.
> >
> > The Shrike Team roster, in alphabetical order by last name, is:
> >
> > * Kate Bush
> That's just too cool.... ahh, the music of my youth =P
> When I was just a wee lad, my mom was listening to Kate Bush (and all kinds
> of other eclectic music). Guess thats why my tastes vary so much today. Kate
> Bush did rock though ... just never thought I'd see a Gundam character named
> after her =)

Naming Gundam characters for pop musicians has a long tradition if you accept
the theory that Char Aznable was named after French singer Charles Asnavour.

Also, one of the characters in Gundam Sentinels is named Brian Eno (44 years old
when his fleet descended on Ayers City on 29 March 0088, so born circa 0022).
And the surnames of the male and female protagonists of Outer Gundam Double Fake
are Guns and Roses.

Tangentially, I was flipping through the channels the other day and hit
Cardcaptors, the dubbed version of Card Captor Sakura, just as Sakura and a
couple of her fellow students were accosting a red-headed teacher named Miss
MacKenzie. Allowing for the difference in artistic styles, she bore a
resemblance, in demeanor if not actual appearance, to 0080's Christina....


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