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> I have this book, it's only average in my opinion. The best books of the
> Zeta series would be Zeta War I and II.

Would you kindly identify this book, please? I don't recognize it off hand,
although the illustration looks to be from the Sentinels era, and I can't figure
out why they're citing UC 0080 on the cover instead of UC 0087.

> By the way, do anyone have Gundam Episode Guide 4? How is it compared to the
> 1-3? Personally I think this series is better than any other Gundam
> reference books/series.

I'm still waiting for Episode Guides 4 and 5 -- they've been on order through
Asahiya for what seems like forever now. I agree that 1 through 3 are some of
the finest Gundam references I've ever seen. I'm also waiting for the Turn A
Gundam Newtype 100% Collections -- the last I heard, there were supposed to be
two Character and two Mechanical editions -- and the Turn A Record
Collections -- I have two on order and, by the number of episodes covered in
each, it appears it'll run three volumes total.

Does anyone know if Tatsumi Shuppan's Neo Comics ever published a twelfth volume
of their Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team Film Comics?


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