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Sun, 17 Dec 2000 12:58:53 -0600

> > Clean-ups and modifications of initial designs: Katoki Hajime -He's best
> > modifying up other people's work IMHO
>He certainly worked well with Akitaka and Ishizu on 0083, so I'd add him to
>Dream Team in that capacity, if I didn't also put him to work designing Bad
>MS to look as Teutonic as possible.

Little bit-o-trivia: for any of you with the Z Gundam Final Episode/Film
story digest, take a look at the original versions of the Qubeley and the
Hamblhabi. Did he work in the FEMC crest out of boredom, were they
originally designs for FFS, or was he working on it (FFS) at the same time
and decided to do it as a tribute?

> > Music: Yoko Kanno. Maaya Sakamoto doing the opening theme - Closing done
> > some popular J-rock band like Glay or L'arc en Ciel.
>Or TM Network? (^_^)

What, no B'z?? Those guys are easily the coolest group on the planet, with a
musical range matched only by a select few.


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