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Subject: [gundam] Yoko Kanno/Gundam Dream Team? was Mio [was: Kou Uraiki]


>Yoko Kanno is blessed by the Gods. I do hope they package a >Gundam series
>with her and Maaya Sakamoto teaming up to do the opening theme
>(which almost
>never fails).

You know, I wonder why they didn't team up for the Turn A opening and end
themes? The OSt of Turn ! is nice (one of the ebst) but the opening and
ending are just a bit too weird for me.

>Hmm. Anyone want to have their list for the a Gundam Creative >Dream Team
>do a new series?

>Director: Masami Obari - His work with AIC mecha classics such >as Dangaioh
>plus doing the Fatal Fury movie gives him my nod.
>Mecha Styling - good guys: Shoji Kawamori - his name alone >commands
>respect and higher animation budgets.
>Mecha Styling - bad guys: Mamoru Nagano (w/ Mika Akitaka as >part of the
>Clean-ups and modifications of initial designs: Katoki Hajime ->He's best
>modifying up other people's work IMHO
>Chara Designer: Sho Fumurasa - Gundam Wing. But I want him more >for his
>excellent chara design work for SF II movie and Darkstalkers.
>Writers: Hmm... dunno much about this category - but I feel >that Tetsuo
>(Nadesico) should be part of this to give original plot twists >and humor.
>Music: Yoko Kanno. Maaya Sakamoto doing the opening theme - >Closing done
>some popular J-rock band like Glay or L'arc en Ciel.
>Other categories: (Seiyuu?) Anyone have any ideas to add?


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Subject: [gundam] Mio [was: Kou Uraiki]

> There we go! Whew, college does do things to one's head...
> Graham Belmont wrote:
> > She did two of the greatest soundtracks of all time (IMHO), the OST's
> > Macross Plus. The songs with the Isreal Philharmonic Orchestra are
> > absolutely amazing, and most of the vocals are breathtaking. Both CD's
> > a handful of songs that were incredibly repulsive, tho', but other than
> > those few songs the CD's are top notch.
> >
> > -G
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