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>> True, but I used it as an example of the fighting.
> Yeah, it's pretty good at that, but they "drag on" the story a bit too
>long, since there's a total of over 70 episodes over the 2 games, and there
>are 10 or 20 that are mostly "filler" episodes...

We're talking about the fighting. ^_^ Yes, but part of any series is the
fact that there will always be filler. (Except in stuff like Esca and EVA,
which are short) I don't mind a long game - adds playing time.

>> > But they keep "flashing" that if you upgrade an unit fully, you would
>> >get some bonus...
>> I usually ignore it totally.
> Good for you. I can't resist sometimes...

It's just not worth it!

> That's where I think you are wrong - the game should be also about how
>different the outcome would be if you do something different. Besides, it

Well, that's a plus point, but I don't think it's integral. I mean, I'd like
it if it were there, but...

>would help to "shorten" part of the story so it wouldn't be like SRWF series
>where they just increase the level requirement for moving twice and stuff
>just so the Super Robots won't be moving twice that fast, therefore ruining
>the balance...

Yes, that was a bit cheap.

> Well, most of them have decent stats and stuff, but I hate their
>inability to move twice quicker than their dodging abilities...

Let's put it this way - who in his/her right mind uses non-NTs instead of NTs?

> I think they help funded the anime when it first aired...

I think so too.

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