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>Yoko Kanno is blessed by the Gods. I do hope they package a Gundam series
>with her and Maaya Sakamoto teaming up to do the opening theme (which almost
>never fails).

Indeed. Heard Light of Love? ^_^

>Hmm. Anyone want to have their list for the a Gundam Creative Dream Team to
>do a new series?

We did this already, but here we go...

>Director: Masami Obari - His work with AIC mecha classics such as Dangaioh
>plus doing the Fatal Fury movie gives him my nod.

Hideaki Anno. As I said, Gundam is about depressed teenagers piloting giant
robots. Who else but the man himself? ^_^

Jokes aside, Anno IS a superb director, with a very original style.

>Mecha Styling - good guys: Shoji Kawamori - his name alone commands instant
>respect and higher animation budgets.

Agreed. I think they should bring in Mamoru Nagano to do some work too, though.

>Mecha Styling - bad guys: Mamoru Nagano (w/ Mika Akitaka as part of the
>Clean-ups and modifications of initial designs: Katoki Hajime -He's best at
>modifying up other people's work IMHO
>Chara Designer: Sho Fumurasa - Gundam Wing. But I want him more for his
>excellent chara design work for SF II movie and Darkstalkers.

Bah, dislike Wing designs. ^_^ I don't follow character designers, so I
can't really suggest any here.

>Writers: Hmm... dunno much about this category - but I feel that Tetsuo Sato
>(Nadesico) should be part of this to give original plot twists and humor.

ANNO. ^_^ Naah, we can also add Mamoru Oshii. (Yes, as you can see, I would
prefer a darker Gundam series.)

>Music: Yoko Kanno. Maaya Sakamoto doing the opening theme - Closing done by
>some popular J-rock band like Glay or L'arc en Ciel.

Dislike popular rock. Use Kenji Kawai for some BGMs. Let Mio sing some stuff

>Other categories: (Seiyuu?) Anyone have any ideas to add?

We should see the following seiyuu (I'll include their most popular roles so
the less seiyuu-savvy can understand what I'm talking about) :

Seki Tomokazu doing the male lead - since this is the Screamer himself, he'd
do well in an Anno production. Boy is he intense...and a damn good actor.

(Van in Escaflowne, Kamui in X, Chichiri in FY, and Domon Kasshu in G Gundam.)

Touma Yumi for female lead - I'd actually pick her over Maaya Sakamoto to
prevent a repeat of Escaflowne, and because she is GOOD. Extremely versatile
and talented.

(Urd in AMS, Valkyrie in Valkyrie Profile (her BEST ROLE, bar none) Yui in
FY, Aya in SRWA)

Sho Hayami for the cool bad guy - Can't pick Ikeda Shuuichi because he's
Char, and I'm tired of Koyasu doing everything, so let's have this guy. He's
actually very good, if underrated. Too bad Kaneto Shiozawa is dead if not we
could have him, too.

(Ashram in Lodoss 2, Ginias in 8th MS Team, Rainforce in Langrisser 5,
Rezard Valis in Valkyrie Profile.)

Inoue Kikoko doing someone (I don't care who) - Just get her. She's too
good. ^_^

(Terribly long list - she's done over 150 roles, and I can personally name
at least 10, but the most famous -
Kasumi in Ranma 1/2, Belldandy in AMS, Aina in 8th MS Team, Ihadurca in

I have a lot more in mind, but let's leave it like this for the time being...

Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)

"There is no one simple truth." - Rune Walsh

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