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I'm in the progress of painting my HG 1/144 Ez8 (which is a terribly fun kit
so far ... much better than the also quality GM Ground) in a jungle camo
scheme, but I just noticed something.
I was reading the review at the Newtype Asylum as well as looking at the
pictures there and the review made it quite clear that the plastic was a
"nice solid white", and the pictures reinforce this. On mine, the plastic
has a noticable beige tint to it ... not very dark, but its noticable.
Likewise, on mine the blue plastic is a much more vibrant shade than the one
in the photos.
Thing is, its not cheap plastic and is the same quality stuff I've seen on
my other kits. The box has the made in Japan/1998 marking on it.
I'm just interested, is it normal to see noticable color variations like
this over the course of a model run, or did Bandai make some conscious
effort to adjust the Ez8's colors at some point?

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