Neil Baumgardner (
Sat, 16 Dec 2000 14:56:24 -0500

Neil Baumgardner wrote:

> Paul Fields wrote:
>> Neil you silly person you... Shop for Gundam at Gundam shop...
>> re_Code=gunda
>> m&Product_Code=GUC116&Category_Code=GUC
> Oh yeah! I had forgotten about that place, but never really checked
> it out in the first place. Looks good, but they dont seem to have
> the Dom Tropen yet... Maybe the have it but just havent added it
> online, I'll call tomorrow. Until then, the search continues...

Well, I found one place that had both, Animania. However, they were
pricing them $40 and $45 respectively. Nice profit IMO.... Also they
dont take credit cards and there's basically not eneough time left for
me to mail them a check, etc.... So my search continues.

Can anyone suggest anywhere else? Otherwise I guess I'll just have to
give up on the Dom Tropen and order the Geelgog M from Gundamshop.


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