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> A tribute to the singing of the incomparable Hiroko "Mio" Kadamoto, one of the
> finest vocalists ever to grace an anime production. It was a stroke of genius
> bringing her on for 0083 and a shame they didn't keep her on for V Gundam and
> beyond.

I agree wholeheartedly.

> It was an additional stroke of genius to do English language versions
> of all of the Japanese songs,

I love "Oblivion". I may even like it better than "Men of destiny". The depressing
lyrics fit Gundam nicely. I'm a bit less fond of "Star Bright", just because the
lyrics are kind of mediocre.

> Her voice also graces the Tomino anime series Heavy Metal L.Gaim and Aura
> Battler Dunbine.

I personally think that the Dunbine theme is one of the most catchy anime themes
ever. "Time for L. Gaim" is a good song too.

> If she'd become a staff regular, I think more Gundam songs
> would've been hits. I'd love to hear her singing something by Yoko Kanno!

Man, I can totally see her doing "Rain" or "Real folk blues" from Cowboy bebop. I
wish I had gotten to see her when she was doing cons.

---Brett Jensen

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