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Edmund Chiu wrote:

> I try to be good, but since it's e-mails about Gundam stuff, where most
> of the spell checker would turn up too many wrong, I cannot really use spell
> checker and stuff...

Yes, I am superficial. I value attention to details such as the animation,
because it is after all an animation. The perfection of visual art should be an
animator's goal. I enjoy 0083 for its action, because Gundam is after all an
action genre, though I much appreciate beautiful stories like 0080 that inject
much creativity and soul into the category. I find 0083 real because there are
no NTs who can do just about anything if they get angry (often times for no
justified reason). I appreciate 0083 because finally there is a series that
doesn't portrait professional armies or idiotic villains. And, yes, it feels
good to see that the Japanese can make imitate Hollywood styles in movie making.

> I think you are "superficial" in the sense that you actually believe the
> attention to details in 0083 is actually a sign to say 0083 has decent story
> and is realistic. Out of all the Gundam fans I talk to, I get the impression
> while they are "impress" with the action aspect of 0083, its story and its
> realism isn't what I call top notch, especially among other Gundam series.
> Given the different budget for OVA, movies and TV series, I tend to avoid
> looking for little "visual details" simply because OVA and movies can afford
> to do them, given back in the "old days", not many people would notice it,
> unlike now, which is pretty much standard stuff by now...

Being an erased event in history, 0083 is not supposed to blend in with the rest
of the UC timeline anyway. The Fed never built any more MAs after GP-03D
probably because of the Gundam Project being so horribly cost-ineffective.
After all, the "good guy" must be "normal" looking, with MS being the norm. The
villain, on the other hand, can be as creative as it can be, to draw in any
extra audiences to which the norm did not appeal.

> I don't see it from being different from some of the action flick we
> have seen from Hollywood (The Matrix not included, simply because the story
> is so complex, it could be consider a drama or science fiction more than
> just an action flim). Let's just say the stuff the put on 0083 is not really
> "in sync" with the other main UC timeline show, except for maybe ZZ, which
> has it share of "out of element" stuff. As you have seen in the GML
> discussion in the past, many Gundam veterans don't think 0083 is a good
> example of good story or realism (don't tell me that the Fed suddenly decide
> to build a MA is a logical decision, given the Feds hasn't build one
> throughout the various series. Titans have them because they are not the
> regular Feds).

I have seen them, but not the re-release, hence I cannot comment on them.

> You haven't seen the original Gundam movies? yet you have seen Zeta?
> weird...

No, you got the wrong person! I was referring to Lalai Miguel, not Lalah.
Lalai (Mark Simmons spells it Nanai) is Char's executive assistant in CCA. That
particular dialogue took place onboard Reyullura just before Char went off for
the last time.

> I think you misunderstood Char - he hated Amuro at first because Amuro
> is "interrupting" his plan no getting revenage on the Zabis, and since he
> cannot defeat him himself, he has to rely on Lalah. I wouldn't really call
> Lalah his lover because while Lalah is grateful that Char save her from her
> previous "life" (I heard she's really poor), she never really love him in
> the same way she love Amuro. It's this that really make Char mad - because
> he does so much for Lalah, yet she really love somebody else. As for "giving
> up" piloting - I think he just wanted to get his revenage, then live quietly
> somewhere, with Lalah at his side hopefully, of course.

To sum it up, Char is just a confused character, who shouldn't do anything
before he clears his thoughts up.

> Actually, I think he just state his opinion - why Haman and Scricco
> shouldn't win and the way they do things are wrong. He's kinda getting sick
> of not getting things done or across to the Feds, but he still has hope on
> people like NT, who seems delicated to the cause of other NTs.

Since Hamaan can wipe his bottom any time, any where.

> Probably not... I am a bit rusty on the exact timeline, since it has
> been a while since I last played Zeta Gundam for PSX, but he seems to think
> that he isn't needed in the fight with Haman...

She was born when Solomon fell. Her father bidded her and her mother goodbye
before boarding the ill-fated Byg Zam.

> I think he understand that she's completely innocence - she doesn't even
> exist when his father was killed.

Given that both Char and Mineva are key aristocrats at Axis, they most probably
live under the same roof, which means he would have had more contact with her
than just occasional visits. It is clear that they used to be extremely close
before Char decided to defect.

> He visited her when she was still a baby,
> and he see her as an innocent bystander. He's really mad at Haman because
> Mineva shouldn't be involved with the whole yet, yet Haman drag her into
> war.

Char has not won much of my trust because he is too lost. That makes him
dangerous. Even Sayla found his speech at Dakar repulsive. No wonder she
deliberately barred him out of her life, even though he's there the whole time
for the two to reconnect after the OYW.

> I think you put too little faith in Char - he isn't really that bad of
> a person. Even Sayla commented that her brother isn't always like that and
> that he seems to be a pretty good brother.

Dangerous man.

> You have to remember that many old Zion crew still consider Char as part
> of their "family", so it should be easy for him to do. Besides, even Mineva
> herself like Char and trust him...

While I understood your reiteration of Camille and Juudo's opinion, I side with
Hamaan, because there are simply too many stupid people out there.

> I think you really miss my point - my point is that until the people
> decided it's time for a change, it shouldn't be up to people like Haman or
> Scirocco to decide the faith of the people, at least that's what Amuro and
> Char believed...

She turned bitter after Char dumped her! He used her to climb to the top of the
political hierachy at Axis, then dumped her after his objective was
accomplished. Having been betrayed by one of the few people she trusted, the
already-cynical Hamaan feels affirmed in her belief that the world is against
and out to get her. Feeling justified in her cynicism of mankind as a result of
this betrayal, she feels that it is time the world experiences her wrath.

> Too bad we never know why Haman became the way she is - it seems that
> she isn't always like that, like when Char is dating her. I wonder what
> happened?

That's why it's never a good idea to solve a crisis when it has already
emerged. To keep such outbreaks from happening, the Fed should have improved
themselves to quench dissents within the Earth Circle.

> That's what I am saying - by the time they know, there's very little
> they can do...

And NTs should have taken over the world!

> You seems to forget that the general public has a fear of Newtypes, just
> like in the X-Men world where the people are afraid of mutants. They fear
> that NTs might one day "take over" the world and the "oldtypes" would be
> second class citizens. Didn't you watch Char's explanation on why the Feds
> decide to gas a colony - they are afraid that NTs (or spacenoids, in a
> sense) are going to take over and took their powers they have now, so the
> "only" way to stay in power is to kill them off or suppress them before they
> can take over.


> Did you even read what I wrote? Kou didn't know about GP03D until the
> colony jack happen - I am talking about when Nina and Kou talks right after
> the duel. Hell, he didn't even know about a colony drop. He just know Gato
> is up to something, and that he's the only one that can stop him. Judging
> from how emotional he is on the issue, I would say it's more personal than
> his professional duty...
> > Perhaps he is working on it already. After all, he cannot ask Bandai to
> keep on
> > remaking them without giving them a break of a few years.
> Yeah, right. Like I said, I have no high hopes on it...

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