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At 16:48 12/15/2000 -0500, Brian Potter wrote:
>This may be a newbie question (i can never tell), but there is something
>confusing me. A minovsky craft system lets something hover over the ground
>at relatively high altitudes because it creates a 'cushion' of minovsky ions
>which something sits on top of. Why is it then, that when a solid projectile
>is fired at a mobile armor or mobile suit, it passes right through the



        We had this long discussion on Minovsky Craft, I-fields and the
various related technologies not more than 3 months ago. I suggest you look
into the archive for the discussion, as I think the list will kill me if we
go into that again so soon.

        Mark, can I suggest you have a more comprehensive discussion on
I-fields than you have currently? Otherwise this topic will keep popping up
again and again.

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