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Haven't finished Shin Getta yet but a friend of mine just got the last eps
and will lend them to me after the new year.

IMO, we should let Char and Amuro rest in peace.

What I would like to see is an OVA series that takes on Chars point of view
in the One Year War.

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>I just am thinking you haven't seen the Shin Getter Robot OAV >series, or
>least the ending of it, have you? Its ending is such absurd to >make coming
>true all the finals of other series till that moment considered >without
>solution or way to have a continue of the same series. Just >have a look at
>it, then tell me. If we applied Shin Getter's theories to >Gundam saga's
>series, everything could be possible. The absurd and impossible >things
>To die in an overloaded Ms cockpit or surrounded by a strange >glowing
>could be the beginning for something else. They simply could >have passed
>an Alternate Universe or gone back to past or ahead to future. >My theories
>can seem crazy, but looking at Shin Getter you will see that if >there is
>somebody crazy, I am not that one.

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>> wrote:
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >On Thu, 14 Dec 2000 15:17:11
>> > Alessandro wrote:
>> >>P.S. Char and Amuro can't be dead (I hope in the future >series)
>> >
>> >IMHO, I think they're dead, and I think its for the best. >This is were
>these kinds of stories stand out because unlike others (American comics for
>example whose characters practically live forever) the heroes >are
>as mortal. Besides, it paved the way for new characters. >Anyway, it was
>of a death scene befitting Char and Amuro.
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