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Fri, 15 Dec 2000 20:35:55 -0800 (PST)

i take this to mean that 0083 soundtrack(s) is a must

i didn't like the first ending song though. too
phil-collin-ish for me. :P


--- -Z- <> wrote:
> > That was definitely one of the saddest endings.
> Nonetheless, there was this
> > overwhelming emptiness when Evergreen, 0083's
> ending, came in after the whole
> > saga. There is a similar feeling for other shows,
> but only similar.
> A tribute to the singing of the incomparable Hiroko
> "Mio" Kadamoto, one of the
> finest vocalists ever to grace an anime production.
> It was a stroke of genius
> bringing her on for 0083 and a shame they didn't
> keep her on for V Gundam and
> beyond. It was an additional stroke of genius to do
> English language versions
> of all of the Japanese songs, with lyrics by Lind
> Henrick, who'd worked with Mio
> previously on Area 88 ("Long Ago And So Far Away"
> and "Razor's Edge"). The
> English version of "Evergreen (Dreamer)" is "Star
> Bright" and Mio sings English
> with such power and depth that you'd think it was
> her native language. The only
> indication that it's not are a few phonetic lapses,
> which you could easily chalk
> up to style if you didn't know better.
> Her voice also graces the Tomino anime series Heavy
> Metal L.Gaim and Aura
> Battler Dunbine. If she'd become a staff regular, I
> think more Gundam songs
> would've been hits. I'd love to hear her singing
> something by Yoko Kanno!
> -Z-
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