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> >THere was also an asian pilot who had a mole in her cheek that was pretty...
> >she was the longest "survivor"...
> I think you're refering to Connie, the freckle-faced girl with straight,
> black short hair. IIRC her last name was Frances, so she may not be
> Asian.

None of them were Asian. All of them, with the exception of team leader Junko
Jenko, were named for American pop music singers, although two of them were
switched around.

The Shrike Team roster, in alphabetical order by last name, is:

* Kate Bush

* Connie Francis

* Helen Jackson

* Peggy Lee

* Mahelia Merrill

They're named for:

* Kate Bush (b. 30 July 1958), who scored a #30 hit on 9 November 1985 with
"Running Up That Hill" that was on the charts for four weeks.

* Connie Francis (b. 12 December 1938), whose career included a role in the
classic 60s youth film WHERE THE BOYS ARE and a 1961 hit of the same name. She
GIRLS. She was voted pop music's top female vocalist from 1958 to 1964 and is
rated as #16 on the Billboard Top 100 Artists of the Rock Era (1955 to present).
She had 35 Top 40 songs, 16 of which were in the Top 10, although she never had
a #1. Among her most famous songs are "Who's Sorry Now?" and "My Happiness"
(1958), "Liptick On Your Collar," "Frankie" and "Among My Souvenirs" (1959),
"Everybody's Somebody's Fool" and "My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own" (1960),
"Where The Boys Are" and "Together" (1961) and "Second Hand Love" and "Vacation"

* Mahelia Jackson (b. 1912, d. 1972), a jazz and Gospel singer on the New
Orleans and Chicago scenes and the first Gospel singer to sell out Carnegie
Hall. Nicknamed the Spiritual Mother of Song, she's most famous for the song
"Oh, Happy Day" and her rendition of the Civil Rights anthem "We Shall Overcome"
for the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

* Peggy Lee (b. 26 May 1920), who sang for Benny Goodman from 1941 to 1943
before going solo in 1943. She appeared in MISTER MUSIC (1950), THE JAZZ SINGER
(1953) and PETE KELLY's BLUES (1955) and was awarded near $4,000,000 in court
for her uncredited singing in Disney's THE LADY AND THE TRAMP. She won a Grammy
for Lifetime Achievement in 1995. Her three big Top 40 hits were "Mr.
Wonderful" (1956), "Fever" (1958) and "Is That All There Is?" (1969).

* Helen Merrill (b. 21 June 1929), a jazz and blues singer who recorded
standards, mostly stuff by Cole Porter and Rogers & Hammerstein, between 1954
and 1965 and whose work became popular again in 1989. Her most popular work is
her rendition of Cole Porter's "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To." By the late
1960s, she had moved to Japan, where she lived for five years and during which
time she became proficient in the Japanese language. She was invited to perform
there by the Hot Club of Japan and ever since, has continued to visit frequently
for concert tours and collaborations with top Japanese artists, such as Masahiko
Satoh. Her sensitive and expressive interpretations strike a chord with the
Japanese listener, making her ever popular and much appreciated in Japan.

Apparently, Mahelia Jackson and Helen Merrill were so well known in Japan that
it was necessary to swap their surnames, while the other three were obscure
enough to get by as-is.


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