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> That was definitely one of the saddest endings. Nonetheless, there was this
> overwhelming emptiness when Evergreen, 0083's ending, came in after the whole
> saga. There is a similar feeling for other shows, but only similar.

A tribute to the singing of the incomparable Hiroko "Mio" Kadamoto, one of the
finest vocalists ever to grace an anime production. It was a stroke of genius
bringing her on for 0083 and a shame they didn't keep her on for V Gundam and
beyond. It was an additional stroke of genius to do English language versions
of all of the Japanese songs, with lyrics by Lind Henrick, who'd worked with Mio
previously on Area 88 ("Long Ago And So Far Away" and "Razor's Edge"). The
English version of "Evergreen (Dreamer)" is "Star Bright" and Mio sings English
with such power and depth that you'd think it was her native language. The only
indication that it's not are a few phonetic lapses, which you could easily chalk
up to style if you didn't know better.

Her voice also graces the Tomino anime series Heavy Metal L.Gaim and Aura
Battler Dunbine. If she'd become a staff regular, I think more Gundam songs
would've been hits. I'd love to hear her singing something by Yoko Kanno!


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