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Fri, 15 Dec 2000 14:10:14 -0800

>"Juan Alberto B. Mercado" wrote:
>> My general opiniion about Bandai videogames is that most are just promo
>>materials, meaning that they were designed to market the anime and not
>>the game itself. There are a few that stand out (ie SRW series) but most
>>generally suck in the gameplay, most probably because they were not
>>really thought up very well. Like the Z-Gundam game and CCA game for the
>>PSX. If not for the nice anime cuts, I'd say those games would be totally
>I actually enjoyed those games even though they were very arcadey, in the
>sense that you are tied to your opponent which prevents much "piloting"
>from occuring.

Aren't the Virtual-On games "tied" to the opponent too?

>There are some things about the games, that FROM software or Sega should
>take notice of and put in Armored Core and Virtual On. for example: I love
>the way that beam sabers and sheilds are handled, It's much better than
>ACs clumsy melee system.

I think they were trying to find a happy medium between the MechWarrior
kind of realism and the sense of speed of mobile suits.

>(And I'm an AC nut)

Yeah, we know. ;)

>I think if bandai released a free roaming (similar to AC) version of Zeta
>Gundam on a modern system like Dreamcast or PS2, it would be a big hit.

Er... Rise from the Ashes is pretty close. Only it's ground-based.


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