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Fri, 15 Dec 2000 16:48:03 -0500

This may be a newbie question (i can never tell), but there is something
confusing me. A minovsky craft system lets something hover over the ground
at relatively high altitudes because it creates a 'cushion' of minovsky ions
which something sits on top of. Why is it then, that when a solid projectile
is fired at a mobile armor or mobile suit, it passes right through the
i-field? Based on the principles of the Minovsky craft system, shouldn't it
be stopped by an i-field, much like a beam weapon? Is it because an i-field
is much thinner than the minovsky craft system's layer of i particles? Or is
it because a missile or bullet is travelling at such high velocities that
they smash right through the i-field. However, this does not explain why a
moble suit passes right through an i-field.(ex. RX-78 vs. Byg Zam).
Shouldn't it meet with at least some resistance?

Thanks to all those who answer my questions!

Brian "Not a Wing Kiddie" Potter

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