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> Gundam EZEight wrote:
> > Minovsky craft is that thing that allow hovering.
> > minovsky particles exert repulsive forces between
> > solid objects(what about liquids?) so naturally
> > throwing a bunch of minovsky particles between big
> > feet and the ground will allow hovering.
> No MS is equipped with Minovsky Craft till the V
> Gundam era. The system
> was way too bulky to be put in an MS in 0083.

no... that's Minovsky DRIVE. as in ion drive in real
life. it throws a bunch of Minovsky out the back and
the MS can move at a greater speed. it looks like a
beam blade. Minovsky craft is what makes the Dom fly
about at most a foot off the ground.
> > anaheim, why was it not attacked by the granada
> people
> > on the moon during the OYW?
> Anaheim didn't exist (at least as an MS producer) in
> the OYW did they?
> Even if they did, they'd sell to both sides so why
> attack?
> > goto and click on gundam
> link.
> > scroll to the bottom to see the FIX art gallery.
> > you'll find a pic of the gp02 there. it is jetting
> > across the desert without its binder on.
> Artistic license anyone?

just trying to point out that the gp02 was jetting
across without the binders. that is not my website,
but some one else's. what he does has nothing to do
with me

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