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Gundam EZEight writes,

>any one know why the GP02 has such huge feet? after
>the one year war, do you think the feds captured
>minovsky craft tech? if so ,should the GP02 with huge
>feet be one that is hover capable?

  Both sides had Minovsky craft technology during the One Year War - it's
used in the Federation's White Base assault carrier, and in Zeon's Azzam
and Apsaras mobile armors. However, it's not until after UC 0100 that
they're able to install the system in mobile suits.

  The Dom's hover abilities are due to a simple hovercraft system,
powered by thermonuclear jet engines in its legs. Thus, it can only skim
along the ground rather than being able to hover at higher altitudes like
a Minovsky craft.

  The GP02A doesn't appear to have hover capabilities. When Gato escapes
from Torrington, he has to jog alongside the hovering Dom Tropen and Xamel.

>and i
>thought that it was Anaheim elctronics that built the
>gp01 and gp02. Zimmad had nothing to do with the
>design, unless it was absorbed in. and speaking of
>anaheim, why was it not attacked by the granada people
>on the moon during the OYW?

  Yep, Anaheim Electronics built the GP series. However, it didn't get
into the mobile suit business until after the war, by absorbing Zeonic -
the company that created the Zaku and Gelgoog. Zeonic was based at
Granada during the war, so presumably Anaheim took over the Granada
production facilities as part of the merger.

  Anaheim also absorbed some of the companies that worked with the
Federation during the war, notably Hervic, which developed the Core
Fighter series. Apparently the GP series Gundams are developed by
different Anaheim design teams, with different backgrounds. The GP02 and
the canceled GP04 (which became the Gerbera Tetra) were created by teams
with Zeon backgrounds, presumably including many former Zeonic employees.

  As for Zimmad - creator of the Dom, Gyan, and Gogg - one source (the
Gundam Sentinel book) claims that it remained at Side 3 after the war,
working for the Republic of Zeon.

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