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> > F Final isn't too bad, but there really isn't much "crossroad", at
> >to my liking ^_^
> True, but I used it as an example of the fighting.

    Yeah, it's pretty good at that, but they "drag on" the story a bit too
long, since there's a total of over 70 episodes over the 2 games, and there
are 10 or 20 that are mostly "filler" episodes...

> > But they keep "flashing" that if you upgrade an unit fully, you would
> >get some bonus...
> I usually ignore it totally.

    Good for you. I can't resist sometimes...

> Ah, I see your point. I think it adds to the replay quality, but is
> otherwise not as important.

    That's where I think you are wrong - the game should be also about how
different the outcome would be if you do something different. Besides, it
would help to "shorten" part of the story so it wouldn't be like SRWF series
where they just increase the level requirement for moving twice and stuff
just so the Super Robots won't be moving twice that fast, therefore ruining
the balance...

> > Actually, it's just most of the Gundams don't have really good
weapons -
> >besides, NT can move twice way faster than regular pilots...
> Yeah, but all non-NT pilots are basically useless!

    Well, most of them have decent stats and stuff, but I hate their
inability to move twice quicker than their dodging abilities...

> >> I want Nadesico too!
> >
> > I wish Sega would let it go, but probably not...
> They paid a lot of money for the license...

    I think they help funded the anime when it first aired...

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