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> At least all of you receive or has received something. Why am I telling
> this? You have to
> know that as Bandai's model kits, action figures, chogokin and so on are not
> officially imported in my country, things that cost 1 yen we pay it 2 yen
> (so, for example
> a PG Gundam, its real cost is 12000 yen, we should pay it 24000 yen). As I
> read your mail speaking about this Hobby link Japan, I went to see its site,
> but, it must be a destiny for the Italy, I have read that from three
> countries (and Italy is one of the three) the HLJ has more claims than other
> countries, and this (it seems a right thing) for the packages and its
> contents arrive seriously damaged or broken. Now, perhaps I through HLJ
> would save half
> of the money I spend in my country but why to risk to receive something
> destroyed and so long waited for. At least this is my opinion.

I'm from Italy too and I've been buying from HLJ for at least four years.

Not even in one occasion I had my parcels lost or damaged (OK, I had a couple of dented boxes, but the contents were fine) and the average time in which I receive parcels is three weeks.
Maybe I'm just lucky, but I think you should definitely try to buy from HLJ. It is not only cheaper, but you can buy models that are impossible to find in Italy like resin ones. And, on top of that, you can finally do without those shopkeepers who keep telling you that the so and so model is out of production!!!

If you need more info e-mail me privately.

Ciao, Max.

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